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  • Suzie Rees

Charity Showcase

Read on to learn more about some of the charities I work with and the amazing work that they do.

Link Education International works across Ethiopia, Malawi and Uganda to transform education systems, especially for girls.

They partner with local and national governments to transform education systems, and work with communities and schools to design tailored activities to overcome specific local challenges.

⭐ In Ethiopia, they have tackled barriers to learning for over 61,000 adolescent girls across 127 primary and 17 secondary schools, with clear positive impact on girls' numeracy and literacy skills.

⭐ In Malawi, they are working with the government to run an alternative learning programme - enabling 5,500 out-of-school girls to access quality education, with significant positive impact on learner outcomes.

⭐ In Uganda, a programme of social and emotional learning support is being developed, to support girls at risk of school drop-out to stay in education.


Awamu is a small, impactful UK charity working closely with their local partner Tusitukirewamu to supercharge the potential of women and girls in the slums of Kampala, Uganda.

Together, through education, skills training and sexual and reproductive healthcare, they equip child mothers and survivors of sexual violence with all they need to stay healthy, earn an income and take back control of their lives.

Reaching over 1,200 girls each year, their programmes include:

⭐ A transitional education programme to support child mothers to return to school.

⭐ A support centre for survivors of sexual violence to access emergency care and ongoing sexual and reproductive health services.

⭐ Vocational training and support for girls to set up small businesses.


Raising Futures Kenya supports young people experiencing poverty in urban and rural areas of Kenya.

Through vocational training, young people gain the skills and confidence they need to start a business or secure employment, and generate a sustainable income to support themselves and their families.

Through their three training centres, students aged 15-24 can access in-depth vocational courses, practical assistance to for learning (childcare, travel fares, food), counselling and business start-up support.

Reaching over 700 young people each year, a huge 90% of programme graduates successfully move on to further training, employment or self-employment within 6 months of completing their course🎉

Raising Futures Kenya have recently secured investment to scale their programmes right across Kenya in partnership with other vocational training centres - meaning many more young people will soon benefit from their amazing work.


On Call Africa addresses the root causes of poor access to, and quality of, healthcare and strengthens community-led programmes that are vital for remote rural communities in Zambia.

They work in partnership with the Ministry of Health, Rural Health Facilities, health workers, communities, and delivery partners to:

⭐ Improve access to, and quality of healthcare at rural healthcare facilities

⭐ Strengthen community health programmes in Zambia

⭐ Influencing policy and practice at all levels of the Zambian Rural Health System


Clowns Without Borders UK support children affected by war, conflict and natural disaster to heal, learn and thrive through play.

They partner with UNICEF, UNHCR, Oxfam, Plan International and Save the Children to support the wellbeing of children by creating specific opportunities for joyful, positive connections and play.


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