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  • Suzie Rees

What trust fundraising is, and what is isn’t

Photograph of a pot of money held in someones hands with coins scattered around them

Does it feel like time to start something new? Maybe it’s time to give trust fundraising a go at your small charity!

Trust fundraising is:

Simple and straightforward - once you’ve got the basics set up, a list of prospects and a good case for support, you can keep it going without too much effort.

A great return on investment - grants, even if just a few thousand pounds, are pretty big in relation to the time applications take (with a few exceptions!)

All about relationships - if you speak to your funders, get to know them and keep them up to date on your project, you’ve got a good chance of securing a repeat grant.

Trust fundraising is not:

A quick win - trusts work verrrrryyy slowwwwly, allow a 6 month turnaround before you hear back.

Without effort - once you have some grants coming in, you need to make sure you do what you said you would, and as a minimum report back on what you’ve achieved! Don’t just take the money and forget about it..

Great for those who hate rejection - you’re going to get turned down for grants, a lot! Funders are oversubscribed and can’t award grants to everyone, so don’t take it personally - it’s unlikely to be a reflection on your charity. Just make sure you don’t put all your eggs in one basket and rely on a particular application being successful.


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