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I specialise in working with small charities, most with just a few staff or even volunteer-led, so I totally understand the challenges you face. I have a wealth of knowledge in trust and foundations, particularly those supporting local partners overseas.


Monthly mentoring and trusts support

Trusts fundraising set up

Trusts fundraising healthcheck

Interim trusts fundraising support


This is for you if you’re the person responsible for trusts fundraising in your small organisation, maybe you are the CEO or the all-round fundraiser. You are doing alright with your trust applications but struggle to stay motivated on your own, and would just love to check-in regularly with someone who ‘gets’ trust fundraising to check you are doing the right things and are staying accountable. You’d appreciate a second pair of eyes to review key applications and make impactful suggestions.

What's included?

Each month you’ll have a video call with Suzie to talk through trusts programme and strategy, check in on progress with trusts, review specific applications or discuss questions, highlight any new opportunities and provide ideas and advice.


Are you a CEO, trustee or all round fundraiser at a small charity? You know trust fundraising is something worth doing, but you don’t know where to start or focus your energy - or maybe you have done a little trusts fundraising but lost motivation and more urgent tasks have taken priority? 

Through my trusts fundraising set up programme, I can help! Over a period of 12-16 days, Suzie Rees Fundraising can support you with the building blocks you need to get set up and make trusts fundraising simple and straightforward for you to take over. 

What's included?

  • Strategy call - to chat through overall trusts approach and suitable projects

  • In-depth prospect research and creation of prioritised pipeline of initial trust and foundation prospects for the next 12 months, with realistic income projections -  so you know who to apply to, for how much!

  • Development of organisational case for support as well as master applications and question banks for each key project providing all the information you need for developing and submitting trust applications quickly and easily in future.

  • Set up of trusts record keeping so you’ll have all the details at your fingertips

  • Submission of initial batch of applications - to give you a head start before you take over! 


Been fundraising from trusts for a while, but not sure if you’re doing the right things? Having success, want to grow income further, but unclear where to improve? Or maybe you just aren’t getting the results you expected. Our trusts healthcheck service will provide an all round audit of your trusts fundraising, over a 1-month period.

What's included?

  • Discovery calls with key staff

  • An audit of trust processes, documents, records, pipeline, case for support/s, applications, and funder journey (audit can be tailored to specific areas if desired)

  • Implementation of quick fixes

  • Trusts healthcheck report with suggested longer term actions - with the option to move on to interim trust support or monthly mentoring service to implement these if desired


Staff changes underway and need some cover to keep your trusts programme going? Or need some additional capacity over a busy period? Usually provided for 3-6 months, our interim trusts support service is what you need.

What's included?

This can be led by your specific requirements, but usually includes:

  • Support with trust applications according to an existing pipeline (which may include a specific opportunity)

  • Ongoing prospect research/opportunity scanning to build your pipeline further

  • Support with funder reports as required

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