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I love the variety of fantastic charities I get to partner with through my work. Here’s just a few examples! 

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Clowns Without Borders UK - Trusts set up

Recently I worked with the fantastic Clowns Without Borders UK to set them up with the building blocks they needed to set up trusts fundraising, ensuring the process was simple and straightforward for Director Sam to take over. Over a period of three months, I worked with Sam to refine the organisation's case for support, undertake prospect research to build a pipeline of potential funders, and develop and submit an initial batch of grant applications. 6 months on, they have secured almost £50,000 new funding from trusts, a return on investment of 9:1. Here's what Sam, Director and Founder had to say: "As a small charity, we are new to Trust and Foundations fundraising. Suzie guided us through the processes with care and professionalism. Both highly approachable and extremely skilled, she took the time to demystify Trust fundraising for me. She pulled together our case of support into a coherent, thoughtful document - emphasising our strengths and providing practical suggestions to improve it. She also created a pipeline and secured a grant within the first few months of working with us. Suzie listened and understood our needs as a small charity and has put systems in place that are manageable and that we will continue to use for the foreseeable future. We feel extremely lucky to have worked with her."

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Awamu -  Trusts set up and interim trusts support

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Sumatran Orangutan Society - Trusts healthcheck and interim trusts support

With Awamu, I worked closely with CEO and Founder Emma to set up trusts fundraising as a new income stream (prospect research, case for support development, template application development), and provide ongoing support with development and submission of grant applications. After 9 months of work, we’ve developed some great funder relationships and have seen significant success with grants, securing over £59,000 of new funding so far and achieving a ROI of 8:1. Emma said "I never had the time or experience to get trusts fundraising off the ground, but working with Suzie has been truly transformative. She is incredible at what she does - it’s been the best investment of time and money I could have made."

Over a 3 month period I worked closely with Sumatran Orangutan Society to healthcheck their trusts and foundations fundraising, align it with their developing projects and organisational strategy, update their organisation and project-based case for support, and find new funders. I then provided 12 month’s interim support in writing and submitting grant applications and reports. Over this period we submitted applications to 37 trust funders, securing over £100,000, as well as two applications for larger institutional grants from FCDO which are still being considered. Development Director Sarah said "Working with Suzie was brilliant. She is efficient, an excellent project manager, great communicator, very patient and a highly skilled trust fundraiser. Suzie helped to set up and formalise the Trust Fundraising function at SOS. She researched and managed an effective pipeline and wrote applications resulting in over £100k of grants to support our cause."

Further Testimonials

Katherine Leach - Head of Fundraising and Communications, Dig Deep

"From Day 1, it was a real pleasure to work with Suzie. She was able to dive into the project and organisation, absorb all the information given, and provide a high level of targeted support. She found new prospects and produced an excellent case for support for one of our projects which we then used to submit 27 applications and 2 enquiries in the short time we worked together. I also was very grateful for the additional advice and support Suzie provided during the period. She was a great sounding board for wider general strategy and trends in the sector."

Willeke Van Rijn - CEO, Resource Alliance

"It was a real pleasure working with Suzie. The trusts prospect research she undertook was very useful for us and gives us a clear steer in priority setting, information on how to approach donors and where to seek alignments. Suzie understood our organization and scope of work in a short time, and created this mapping in a relatively short time, meaning we can follow up straight away. Besides all that, Suzie is a real pleasure working and communicating with. I would highly recommend her!"

Kirsty Erridge - UK Co-Director, Raising Futures Kenya

"We've worked with Suzie for over a year now as a consultant, and she has been an absolute delight to work with. She hit the ground running and very quickly got up to speed with our programmes so she could start sending out applications to the prospects we had already identified. Suzie diligently researches potential prospects and has found lots we weren't previously aware of. Based on her experience and skills she has amended our case for support to make it more compelling. We're delighted to say that Suzie's work has secured some considerable funding, which we wouldn't have had the capacity to apply for without her. Suzie is a self-starter and just gets on with the work needed with minimal support needed, she's completely trustworthy, hardworking, talented and an asset to any organisation. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

Carla Gill - Founder, East African Playgrounds (now Play Action International)

Andrea Ocampo - Fundraising Manager, Justice Defenders

Katie McDaniel - Director, Lemon & Honey Fundraising

Tabitha Middleton
Project Officer , Money for Madagascar

"Suzie is one of the greatest fundraisers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She developed our trusts income stream from nothing to raise £1m+ in 5 years. She has an incredible knowledge of the sector, she is professional and a pleasure to work with and has a fantastic track record."

"Suzie has been a wonderful, crucial asset to our fundraising. She goes above and beyond to ensure that we are making strategic moves at every step of the fundraising cycle and moves the needle in the growth of our institutional funding. She has vast knowledge of the sector—both in the UK and on a global scale."

"We really appreciated Suzie's ability to jump into the heart of the organisation, prioritise their needs and support the whole team. Suzie has great knowledge of the sector, great attention to detail and endless patience with those of us who don't."

"It was a real pleasure to work with Suzie. She was efficient and effective and did an excellent job. I would definitely work with her again and recommend her highly"

Read more about some of the amazing charities I’ve supported. 

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